Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paris hilton. Oops pics!

Paris hilton. New pics from google.

paris hiltonparis hiltonparis hilton
If everyones tired of Paris Hilton, then why do not we all still watch his every movement? Im probably just as guilty as the others, since I've seen the TV shows & read the stories online. Ive tried to avoid, but sheesh, they're everywhere! We hear so many different people (both famous and not) say that shes a terrible person, not moral, shes a terrible role model, and so on. No one says anything along the lines of "Hey, lets just not buy anything with her on it or watch his TV shows or films. Im just so tired of seeing people like Paris and Lindsay get millions of dollars to s.lutty be and to do acts that normal people get arrested, or worse, with little or no punishment. If Paris had been you or me, shed have received more jail time.
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